In the Media

The CRI Genomic lab has been covered numerous times by news agencies both local and national about the research being conducted in the laboratory, the new machinery purchased, and the awards being accepted to our team.

The CBC covered an article of the highly debated cougar theory in the New Brunswick forests when the first round of results were released. The Research Chair, Scott Pavey, and one of our PhD Candidates, Faith Penny, discuss the matter – which can be read here.

In the early days of 2017, CBC wrote an article to property introduce the nation to its newest genomics lab. This article describes the goals of the lab and the future research to be studied within it.

In 2016, the CBC  wrote a paper that stated that due to a backlog at the University of Montréal, the years of samples for the cougar debate would be coming back to the province, to the CRI Genomic Lab. The paper can be read here.